Medical Services

Doctors at the Center

The center’s medical layout is managed by a physician that specializes in geriatrics, and it includes several doctors that have been trained to care for the elderly. The doctors address the residents’ changing physical and mental health needs and they decide what medication to prescribe.

The medical layout at the center works closely with the nursing staff and the multidisciplinary team so that residents are given optimal care (active and supportive). The center also has an array of physicians that provide consultation in various areas of expertise (ophthalmology, dentistry, dermatology, psychiatry, etc.) as needed.

Specialist Clinics

The Alzheimer’s Medical Center operates private specialist clinics in various medical fields. In addition to their ongoing work at the clinics, these specialists collaborate with the center to create an improved and innovative treatment model to optimize and upgrade the quality of medical care given to the residents and increase the families’ confidence and peace of mind.

  • Prof. Michael Davidson – Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Aviva Even Zahav, R.N., PhD – Clinical specialist in geriatrics and wounds
  • Dr. Alona Naveh – Geriatrics
  • Dr. Alexander Lagodinski – Geriatrics
  • Dr. Alex Kaplan – Geriatrics
  • Dr. Eli Regev – Specialist in Wounds and Plastic Surgery
  • Dr. Elik Yoffe – Psychiatry and Psychogeriatrics
  • Dr. Ramit Rabona Shpringer – General Psychiatry and Psychiatry of Old Age
  • Dr. Yaakov Ilani – Internal Medicine and Endocrinology
  • Prof. Avraham Adonski – Geriatrics and Psychogeriatrics
  • Dr. Shani Pauloch-Shimon – Oncology
  • Prof. Raphael Katan – Oncology
  • Professor Bella Kaufman – Oncology