Community services

Support and Instruction in the Community

We refer to Alzheimer’s patients in the community as patients hospitalized at home, and we aim to provide them with proper medical care.

Treating an Alzheimer’s patient in the community is very complex, and there are numerous services that can only be provided in a large medical center.

According to the innovative model we developed, we make services that are currently provided exclusively to the residents of the Alzheimer’s Medical Center available for patients living at home.

These patients will be able to come for outpatient care, which will be an integral part of the Alzheimer’s Medical Center, and within this framework the patients will receive a variety of valuable services from the staff at the center.

So, within the outpatient setting, the patients will be able to benefit from similar care given to the patients hospitalized at the center, and at the end of the day they go back home.

A person with dementia that comes to the outpatient center will be referred to an assessment and admissions committee with the participation of a specialist physician, a nurse, a social worker, a physiotherapist, and a dietician.

During the patient’s stay at the center, the multidisciplinary team will monitor his condition, and the patient and his family will receive the treatment and consultation of the medical staff, nursing staff, and paramedical team (dietician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, music therapist, and more).

Designated Workshops for Family Members

In addition to the ongoing instruction and assistance, the medical center will also conduct designated workshops for the caregivers and family members of the outpatients, where the family members can enjoy pleasant social interaction, enrich their knowledge, and gain effective tools to cope with the difficulties in caring for a patient at home.

Other workshops will be suited to the family members and patients alike, and their aim is to enable a fun and enjoyable encounter.

Fully Flexible Outpatient Care

Patients and their families that come for outpatient care will benefit from full flexibility and will not be subject to a fixed and binding schedule. Patients and their families will be able to choose the days and hours of their visits according to their needs and abilities.

The patient will also have the option of staying overnight, or for a longer period of time. Patients who visit the outpatient center and need to be hospitalized for a period of several days to several weeks can stay at the center as full residents for a specified period to be determined as needed.