Thank you letter from Hedva and Shraka

To the Ramat Gan Alzheimer Center staff

Already a year and a half has passed since our father came to this wonderful, warm and special place. We remember how our father’s health status improved in such a short time. He started walking again after receiving medication that the medical staff here gave him, and the devoted care he received. The daily attention, ensuring that the patients take their medication on time, and the cleanliness of the place gave us peace of mind.

The daily schedule, which combines social activity, light exercise, playing instruments and singing, help the patients get through the day. On holidays they take care to emphasize the special things in guest artist performances.

Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease with no cure, but you can honorably prolong a patient’s life with warmth and love. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the medical, caregiver and administrative staff that guided us through every question, problem, and request. The attentiveness also helps us, the family, believe that we made the right move by bringing our father here.

A sincere thank you,

Hedva and Sarka

Hedva and Shraka