Thank you letter from Dr. Liev Rappaport

To the staff at the Ramat Gan Alzheimer Center
Caregivers, nurses, and doctors


I would like to express my sincere appreciation for everyone involved in the work done at the center: the medical staff and the caregiving staff, for the devoted and professional care you gave my mother, the late Esther Rappaport.

Thank you for the warmth and personal attention and for the infinite patience. You made my mother’s final years more pleasant and meaningful.

We would like to thank each of you personally that despite the objective difficulties you managed to maintain your humanity and limitless devotion.

A personal thank you to Advocate Amotz Eliash who is in charge of managing the staff in the most admirable manner.

Thank you for remembering the human spirit and for protecting its dignity even though it often appeared to be absent.

Dr. Liev Rappaport

Dr. Liev Rappaport