Letter from Prof. Liat Ayalon, Bar-Ilan University


I am very pleased to write this letter regarding our collaboration with the Ramat Gan Alzheimer Center. I have known the center for about ten years and have been in research and learning collaboration with them throughout these years. As part of the collaboration with the center, I have conducted several joint research studies with the staff at the center and I am currently in the midst of two additional studies. One deals with providing coping tools to paid caregivers that work with the elderly suffering from dementia, and the second deals with examining the sensitivity of caregivers as a possible measure of the capability to care for elderly suffering from dementia. I believe that these two studies are extremely important because they deal with relevant urgent issues. In light of the fact that the Ramat Gan Alzheimer Center not only has the appropriate research population, but also an excellent professional staff, leaves no doubt that the center is the ideal partner for studies in the field. Another academic collaboration is also being conducted between Bar-Ilan University and the Ramat Gan Alzheimer Center. Throughout the years, I came for several visits with Social Work students in order to demonstrate to them the field work, firsthand. From next year, collaboration will increase and the students studying for a Masters degree in Social Work will spend about an entire semester at the center in order to be more fully exposed to the various activities at the center.

In summary, I see the Ramat Gan Alzheimer Center as a leading institution in its field and am very pleased with my extensive collaboration with it.


Prof. Liat Ayalon

School of Social Work, Bar-Ilan University

Prof. Liat Ayalon