Letter from Dr. Yuval Palgi, University of Haifa


For about one year there has been research collaboration between myself and the Ramat Gan Alzheimer Center.

As part of this collaboration, we created a research group that includes top researchers in the field of Gerontology from Bar-Ilan University and the University of Haifa, as well as collaboration with the developmental laboratory at the University of Haifa. This project is currently managing a top notch academic and complex study in complete collaboration with the Alzheimer Center. The study includes the employment of research assistants, writing a research protocol, and adhering to the same standards as similar academic studies.

Throughout the entire aforementioned process, the contact person and research partner has been Dr. Ayelet Dassa, the Research Supervisor at the Center, who goes above and beyond, and manages to work and adhere to the highest research standards while ensuring strict patient confidentiality and rights.

Concurrently, in light of the seriousness and dedication that I described with our work at the center, the Gerontology program is also collaborating with the Alzheimer Center, which serves as a place where the program’s students can complete their practicum.

From our joint work we were impressed with how the center works according to the highest scientific standards and we hope to expand our research collaboration with the center in the future.



Dr. Yuval Palgi

Head of the Gerontology Research Center

Gerontology Program, University of Haifa

Dr. Yuval Palgi