Dear Mr Nitai Eliash,

Dear Mr Nitai Eliash,

I would like thanking you and your team for your appreciated welcome during my visit of the Israeli Alzheimer’s Medical Center, on July 22, 2019.

I was really impressed by

  • the innovative structure of your center which is really outstanding by
    • this location close to the biggest Israeli University hospital
    • its wide spaces allowing multiple types of care/leisure
    • its cleverly concept of the double rooms
    • its multiple, safe and attractive gardens
    • its different dining rooms, allowing also family gatherings


  • the innovation of your care approach with
    • the permanent phone availability for the at home patients ‘family to join a geriatrician or another health care professional
    • the possibility of welcoming patients at any time of the day or night for short stays
    • the respite beds and hotel rooms


  • and overall the quality of care, which is linked to a very well trained team, well managed and attentive to all the needs of patients and families.

The integration of the informal care givers into the care providing by the professional health care team is crucial for the demented patients

In fact, it was my pleasure discovering the matchless quality of your Centre.

I do congratulate you, the medical and health care professional teams to offer so high quality facility and care to the Israeli demented population.

With my personal regards

Professor Jean-Pierre Michel

Geneva University, French and Spanish Academies of Medicine, Past president of the European Society of Geriatric Medicine

Group leader of the Science Advice for Policy by European Academies on “Transforming the future of Ageing”, WHO expert “ageing and life course” program