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Occupational Therapy

The center has an occupational therapist and a staff of six activity counselors. This layout is responsible for the residents’ cultural activities, recreation, and cognitive and social enrichment, which provide the residents with constant and diverse activities.

The Role of the Occupational Therapist

The occupational therapist is responsible for conducting cognitive assessments of the residents at the center, providing individual cognitive and motor treatments, and matching aids and splints as needed. The occupational therapist is responsible for the team of activity counselors, and also instructs the staff and residents’ families.

The Role of Activity

It is very important for people with dementia to keep busy during leisure time, and suitable activities help to preserve existing capabilities, encourage communication, and prevent agitation. The purpose of these activities is to reinforce the strengths and capabilities that remain intact with each resident, promote communication and a sense of belonging, enable a sense of orientation, and create an enjoyable experience while living at the center.

According to this approach, the team of activity counselors ensures that the residents have rich and diverse activities every day during the morning and afternoon hours, and on weekends.

Most activities are conducted in groups, and include a gardening group, baking group, aromatherapy group, arts and crafts group, singing group, and more. In addition, the center also offers animal-assisted therapy once a week in each of the wards. The center also operates two unique groups, a heritage group, and a Russian-speakers group.

One-On-One Activities

Concurrent to the group activities at the center, residents that require individual attention have one-on-one activities customized to their needs. Every ward has a cupboard containing a variety of equipment and accessories for one-on-one work.

The equipment is at the disposal of the activity counselors and family members and the ward during leisure time. There are also two Snoezelen (controlled multisensory environment) rooms. Individual intervention is given in these rooms by specially trained activity counselors, to help prevent agitation among the residents. 

Activities at the Center

The activities at the center resemble a typical daily routine: the morning starts with an exercise class, followed by activities that combine arts and crafts and cognitive stimulation, and ending with social games. After lunch, the wards for the cognitively declined screen movies that are suitable for the residents and musicals they are familiar with from their past that are a part of their musical-cultural repertoire.

Every day we host musicians who regularly come to play in the different wards, and in the afternoon there are social and musical activities for the enjoyment of the residents and their families. In addition, concerts are held in the auditorium on special occasions for all residents and their families.

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