The Admission Process at the Alzheimer's Center

Impression and Preliminary Assessment

The application process is designed to ensure an optimal fit between the potential resident’s needs and the diverse treatment options and numerous services that the center offers.

During the first meeting, the candidate and his/her family are given a tour so they can get an impression of the place, meet the center’s medical director, staff members, and other families and residents.

If the family wants to continue with the application process, an appointment for a second meeting is made, which is conducted after receiving all the medical material pertaining to the potential resident’s condition, detailing his functional, social and nutritional status and therapeutic needs. Information about the applicant’s hobbies, preferences, special behaviors, and habits is also collected.

The participants in the meeting include one of the center’s physicians, the head nurse, a physiotherapist, and a social worker. During the meeting, an assessment is made regarding the most suitable ward for the resident, which is determined according to the resident’s motor function. Also, guidelines for building a customized treatment plan for the resident are set.

Required Documents

In order to simplify the admission process, the family is requested to obtain the following documents in advance, if possible:

► A report from the family doctor that includes a list of medications and information about previous surgeries and hospitalizations 

► Current lab test results 

► Functional form from a family doctor and nurse 

► Psychogeriatric report 

► Psychosocial report and guardianship of the person

If necessary, visits on behalf of the center will conducted at the prospective resident’s home or institution where s/he is staying.

The Integration Process

After the resident’s application has been approved, he is received by the charge nurse at the ward he has been assigned to. 

The resident undergoes a comprehensive medical examination by a physician, and a functional assessment by a physical therapist and an occupational therapist.

The social worker and nutritionist also take part in the resident’s integration and acquaintance process, and are involved in the resident’s unique circumstances and needs that fall within their areas of expertise.

The center receives residents referrals with a Ministry of Health Code , from the Ministry of Defense, and privately.